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The Business Connection, Inc. Responsive, Statewide Business Broker Experts serving Buyers and Sellers since 1984. Welcome to our new website. With our new enhancements to our website, we intend to make it easier to communicate with you all things pertinent to Buying or Selling a business. We will feature current market data and tell you about the status of the business environment in New Hampshire and New England. If you are Selling a Business, we will share with you hints on how you can keep your business attractive to potential buyers. If you are Buying a Business, we can help you explore your options, prepare you for the purchase opportunity to reap the rewards of the seller's hard work or help you chose your own path....and master your own destiny. We are excited about the capabilities of this new site!



Lucrative 5,955+/-sf grocery in very desirable downtown location, Seacoast, NH. Clean, well designed layout, attractive signage, updated equipment.  Sales include full-service grocery store products, fresh, frozen, canned, etc., meat department, Lottery, ATM, state-of-the -art POS systems, security.  Sales $1.8 million.  Long term lease available.  Purchase price: $225,000. plus inventory.

COUNTRY STORE with GAS + Two Income Apartments

2-story building established in historic district of town, central NH. enjoys loyal local following.  Full-service 2,500+/-sf store offers easy breakfast & lunch foods, deli, well stocked shelves, pet foods, beer & wine, Lottery, ATM, etc. plenty of paved parking.  Self-serve gas at two canopied pumps.  Purchase price: $295,000. plus inventory of $40,000., which includes $10,000. of gas.

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Mar 1, 2016 - Frequently Asked Questions - Personal Goodwill

Personal Goodwill

1. What is Personal and Professional Goodwill?

Goodwill is an intangible asset arising from the name, reputation, customer loyalty, location, products and services, and other factors not specifically listed.  Goodwill can attach to the enterprise or to the owner depending in the facts and circumstances of the relationships.

2. When is it applicable?

Personal goodwill allocations can be useful in both tax and divorce cases. For example, in an asset sale of a C corporation, allocation of part of the purchase price to personal goodwill may have favorable tax savings. In divorce, many states consider personal goodwill is not a marital asset.

3. How do you measure Personal Goodwill?

Personal Goodwill is measured through a thorough and detailed analysis of the business and owner's role and relationships. The total goodwill of the business is determined, and a multi-variable weighting analysis approach is used to allocate the total goodwill of the company between the enterprise and the owner.

4. How is it Reported and Supported?

Personal Goodwill allocations should be presented in a compliant Appraisal Report that details calculation of the total goodwill and full analysis necessary to allocate that goodwill between the business and the individual. A detailed Appraisal Report will fully support the analysis and conclusion of value.

Dec 15, 2015 - Healthcare Company Sold

GILFORD, NH - The Business Connection, Inc., Business Brokers since 1984, is pleased to announce the sale of a New Hampshire Health Care Company. This premier and highly respected private duty health care agency is dedicated to providing high-quality health care to seniors and their families. Both medical and non-medical private pay clients receive a wide range of care management services.

In accordance with the founders' wishes and in the interest of strategic positioning, we must remain silent regarding the specific company name. The founders are exceptionally strong operators having built a substantial business. The Business Connection, Inc., the Sellers and the Buyers, seeing the significant opportunity, all proved a willingness to work through the complexities to get this transaction deal closed.

With many years of experience, The Business Connection, Inc. team will use their professional expertise to assist in guiding you through the process of Selling your business or Buying another, all with confidentiality. We will establish fair market value, employee bailouts, or help with business loans or estate planning, commercial investments, or just offer you a Business Valuation. As independent Business Brokers, we are well affiliated with several networks of New England based business brokers and financial service firms including BBANE - Business Brokers Alliance of New England and NEBBA - New England Business Brokers Association.

May 1, 2015 - New Associate - Mike LaPierre

The Business Connection, Inc. of Gilford is pleased to welcome the return of Mike LaPierre to the Business Brokerage Industry, as announced by Robert Ehrenberg, President. Mike is well known for his long and active role in the industry that started in 1986. His career changed with life and times shaped by both the players and the playing field.

“Success frequently depends on the ability to solve the myriad of happenings that often are a “sure thing” in a company’s history. Keeping a transaction confidential and on track takes tenacity and sometimes the sales challenge takes personal creativity to make the actual sale. When business owners are ready to sell, they will look for the experienced and the professional brokers, who are really aware of the market and will strive to address vital issues and get results,” Mike stated.

With LaPierre’s analyzing experience and knowledge, he is a specialist in the sale of small to mid-sized businesses and can connect people when they are ready to buy a business.

At The Business Connection, Inc. (www.businessconnectioninc.com), we help people Buy and Sell their businesses. As founding members of affiliate networks that include New England Business Brokers Association (NEBBA) and Business Brokers Alliance of New England (BBANE), we have successfully completed hundreds of transactions in our 31year history throughout New Hampshire and New England.

Please give us a call to discuss your Business Opportunity. 603-528-6100


May 1, 2014 - Celebration Time! The Business Connection, Inc. is 30 years strong

One of our networking teams known as BBANE... Business Brokers Alliance of New England... is a network of seasoned professionals that are committed to helping you achieve top dollar for your company. And, The Business Connection, Inc. is offering 30 years of talent, 30 years of experience that counts in all areas of business brokerage: valuation, selling, buying, financing of businesses, assisting in comparable sales analyses, qualifying your prospective buyer(s), negotiating and the guidance to the closing table. Selling Business Opportunities isn't just our promise, it's our history. We look forward to Confidentially speaking with you about active opportunities and/or any company you might be thinking of bringing to market in the future.


May 9, 2014 - A Major HVAC Contractor in Central NH has New Ownership

Oliver Mechanical, Inc. in Manchester, NH is a successful and well established HVAC contractor that enjoys a strong reputation with its customers. The company was founded in 1990 and managed since that time by Kevin and Kathy Oliver. Recently the company was sold to Jonathan Bristol of Brookline, MA. Mr. Bristol is eager to build upon the Oliver's success. The sellers and management team will remain with the company in order to continue a seamless transition to both customers and suppliers.
Mr. and Mrs. Oliver were represented by Robert Ehrenberg, President of The Business Connection, Inc. of Gilford, NH. Jonathan Bristol was represented by Gary Rayberg, President of ROI Corporation of Weymouth, MA.
The Business Connection, Inc. of Gilford is a statewide business brokerage firm and may be reached at 603-528-6100 or visit the web at www.businessconnectioninc.com


March 31, 2014 - Younger Buyers are Acquiring Retiring Baby Boomer Businesses

Facts, Stats and More

A recent survey studied more than 2,000 buyers and sellers which uncovered several interesting market trends. One of the most interesting findings is that a new group of younger and more diverse small business buyers has entered the business for sale market. Second, the survey includes gender-related insights that shed light on the role male and female entrepreneurs play in buying and selling businesses. The study provided a look at motivational differences between male and female business buyers and sellers, including boredom and divorce can be key elements.


January 13, 2014- Small Business Transactions Up 49% in 2013 Compared to 2012

A strong fourth quarter completes a robust year in the business-for-sale market. Restaurant sales and retail industries have seen the biggest gains. The full-year totals represent the first year of extreme improvement in the business-for-sale industry since levels reached record lows in mid-2009.
In 2013, over 7,000 small business sales were reported by business brokers to BizBuySell.com, a large spike over the 4,700+ transactions reported in 2012.
The report also reflects the improved business performance as the median revenue of small businesses sold rose 13 percent to $405,905. and median cash flow grew 9 percent to $97,000. This strong financial improvement helped push the median sale price up 13 percent to $180,000. Great news for sellers. However, the fact is, it is still a buyer's market and revealed by the fact that the average revenue and cash flow multiples fell 1.7 percent to 3 percent, respectively, in 2013.
The dramatic increase in 2013 small business sales can be attributed to multiple factors, including the improving economy, strong supply and demand, aging business owner demographics and an increase in the number of qualified business buyers and continued improvement in small business financial performance.
Optimistic Outlook for 2014. Overall, 2013 was a great stepping stone to what should be a healthy business transaction market for some time to come. "The Great Recession depressed sales activity for more than four years and now the absolute number of transactions should remain healthy. Simply put, the fundamentals are right for sustained strength."


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