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Design & Remodeling Company

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  • Listing ID: 3601707
  • Status: Sold
  • Location: New Hampshire
  • Listing Agent: Robert Ehrenberg
  • Real Estate:
  • Real Estate included in price: No
  • Title: Design & Remodeling Company
  • Categories: Design & Remodeling Company, Sold
  • Price: $275,000
    Sales: $1,031,400 Cash Flow: $332,500
  • Description: This Design Company has built an excellent reputation with attention to quality that provides their clients with experienced knowledge who stand ready to service all aspects of the design project. An This Award winning company crafts 70% Kitchens and Baths plus is a resource for complete home/business needs. Construction is taken care of by a network of established contractors. A construction background would be a perfect fusion. Totally turn-key. Real Estate available for lease or purchase.