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Manufacturing Company

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  • Listing ID: 3601210
  • Status: Sold
  • Location: Central New Hampshire
  • Listing Agent: Robert Ehrenberg
  • Title: Manufacturing Company
  • Summary: Mobile & Marine Antennas
  • Categories: Retail/Mobile & Marine Antennas, Sold
  • Price: $395,000
    Sales: $206,050 Cash Flow: $57,194
  • Description: Privately owned company manufactures gain antennas for consumer & commercial applications including FM sytems, Marine VHF & SSB, security systems, telemetry systems and specialty broadcst systems. Manufacturing tasks require basic machinining skills such as metal turning, milling drilling, tapping an dcold forming of soft aluminum. Use of simple instrumentation for tuning and testing of antenna coils to specified frequency at minimum VSWR (mesure of efficiency) and attention to detail are required. The skill would be those found in any electo-mechanical technician. Lot size is 0.31+/- acres with 211 ft+/- frontage with a one story 3200+/- sq.ft. building of block/brick and metal contruction. Muncipal water and sewer. Nine parking spaces.