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Convenience Store with Gas & Auto Repair Shop

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  • Listing ID: 3601904
  • Status: Sold
  • Location: North Central New Hampshire
  • Listing Agent: Robert Ehrenberg
  • Real Estate:
  • Real Estate included in price: No
  • Title: Convenience Store with Gas & Auto Repair Shop
  • Summary: High Visibility Location
  • Categories: Convenience Store with Gas, Sold
  • Price: $650,000
    Sales: $4,700,000 Cash Flow: $316,000
  • Description: This very busy gas station offers nationally branded petroleum products along with a complement of convenience items. Sales include coffee service, dairy, beer & wine, lottery and other consumable products. High visibility location in niche location in north Central NH just off the highway at well marked exit. Gas pumps are open 24/7. Gasoline sales average 1.2 million gallons/year. Six figure cash flow. Turnkey.