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New England Based-Seminar Programs for Medical Professionals

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  • Listing ID: 3601806
  • Status: Sold
  • Location: New England Based
  • Listing Agent: Robert Ehrenberg
  • Title: New England Based-Seminar Programs for Medical Professionals
  • Summary: Long Established
  • Categories: Dental/Medical Seminars, Sold
  • Price: $795,000
    Sales: $1,300,000 Cash Flow: $300,000
  • Description: A nationwide business organization is at its best when it can, year after year, bring diverse individuals together at a Seminar or Conference to network ideas, highlight continuing support and present explanations of the industry and to help educate medical professionals and consumers. The attempt of these talks is to develop a better identification system and understanding with continuing dialog as to future issues or continuing education, all presented by keynote speakers. The Event Planner provides and handles: marketing thru email campaigns, locating hotels or convention centers, registration, tuition, food service, designated formal continuing education programs and speakers. Easily relocatable as the business can be operated from anywhere. This turkey opportunity is available for an ambitious operator to enjoy a very healthy cash flow.