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Buy a Business

How do I get started?

Disclosure. You sign an agreement promising to maintain confidentiality for all information provided to you on the businesses that appeal to you.

Background Information. You provide us with information about yourself (usually in a phone conversation). The more we know about you, the more likely we can find a business that you will want to own.

Meeting/Tour. Your broker sets a meeting with you the buyer to tour the seller's business and/or real estate. This will give you a chance to ask detailed questions while describing your qualifications to the seller.

Review the financial information and other important factors that interest you and must be resolved such as a lease or real estate purchase as part of the package.

Offer to Purchase. You write an offer for the business you would like to own. Earnest money is required to demonstrate your seriousness to the seller. Your broker will present the offer to the seller. Most offers have a list of contingencies that require further details like: inspection of books and records. The offer is not binding until all written contingencies are removed.

Acceptance. The seller will accept the offer as written or will write a counter offer.

Mutual Acceptance. When buyer and seller agree to all the terms and conditions of the sale, the offer becomes a Purchase and Sale Agreement.

Closing. All parties meet to sign documents.

Selling business opportunities isn't just our promise, it's our history.